We are your partners for scaling up in the eCommerce world

SnGlobal is an eCommerce management group that provides a comprehensive solution for product-based companies striving to grow their eCommerce business locally and globally. 

You'll take care of the product and we'll do all rest!

Amit Shemesh

Founder & CEO

You'll take care of the product and we'll do all rest!

Amit Shemesh

Founder & CEO

Why us?


We are looking for a brand that can go global.
We're enhancing the brand's digital ecosystem locally, and starting to put in place the infrastructure for global expansion. Finance, logistics, customer service, translation and marketing, we provide everything necessary to succeed.

The team

15 years of experience in marketing and ecommerce eco system, we bring great know-how and comprehensive solutions in the partnership, our team is comprised of a strategic consultant alongside the hands-on operation and digital specialist to manage the business and increase results.

Partnership structure

Keep it simple and transparent.
We believe that each side should bring its expertise to the partnership., the brand should concentrate on maintaining and developing the product and we will take care of business development and marketing.

What we have to offer


Business development
Market research
Competitor research
Pricing & Promotion Management
Loyalty program


Fulfillment and Distribution
Customer service & Returns
Shopify operation

Data & Analysis

Data management
CDP - Customer Data Platform
Google analytic and GTM
Predictive analysis
Conversion optimization


Paid media
Social media
Email marketing
Content & Creative

Brand management

Brand guidance
Translation and Localization
Creative & Content
Gantt localization
Surprise & Delight


Conversion tools
Marketing automation
Loyalty platform
Ambassadors platform
Solidata - CDP platform